Handmade fragrances from Brooklyn, NY.

This Saturday, my good friend Justin Tellian will be unveiling his series of DREAMERS portraits taken in six cities around the world. I’ve been lucky enough to be a dreamer in Mexico City, Berlin, Tokyo, Black Rock City and Queens, NYC. The only ones I missed were the original (above, Brooklyn) and Johannesburg, South Africa. Other than that, I’ve followed Justin and the Trust Art crew around the world, often documenting the making of these epic group portraits.

And you know what? I haven’t even seen the final prints Justin is showing this Saturday! It’s a surprise for me too…and I can hardly wait. Justin’s project has touched everyone who has gotten to be a part of them, and hopefully will touch those who see the photos too. The days that we were in an unfamiliar city, gathering with people who think of themselves as dreamers – therefore optimistic, happy, hopeful – there was always a special energy.

If you’re in the NYC area, please join us this Saturday, June 16th at Studio 80. 7 – 10pm, 80 Manhattan Ave in Brooklyn. I’ll be wearing white, the official/unofficial color of DREAMERS.

p.s. Here’s a fun video taken at the first ever shoot in Brooklyn, NY. This was before I really knew these guys and I thought they were SO COOL. I’m now married to the one with the bull horn!



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