Handmade fragrances from Brooklyn, NY.

marahMarah is another cousin I’ve been blessed with getting to know since marrying José. She’s one of the sweetest ladies out there, and as a recent graduate of Columbia’s Public Health Master’s Program and a regular on local news station NY1, someone I look up to for her hard work and dedication. Having become a small business owner and designer with a foot in the beauty industry, it’s always interesting to hear about the work Marah’s doing – something so different than my own! Like her stint last summer working on a food security program to improve women’s empowerment in Batey communities in the Dominican Republic.

Name: Marah Ramirez

Occupation: Journalist

Hometown: Queens, NY

Where do you currently reside?: Queens, NY

Favorite MCMC fragrance: HUNTER – I use it year-round.

When did you first start wearing perfume? What fragrance was it?: I remember splashing on some Jean Nate as a kid. I didn’t have my own bottle of perfume until high school. My grandmother bought me Tommy Girl when I started 9th grade.

If you were a plant, what would you be?: Lavender. I appreciate its medicinal properties and lovely fragrance.

What’s in your refrigerator right now?: I have a huge container of cooked quinoa that I keep on-hand to mix with different things, depending on my mood. I also have some hemp milk, avocados, garbanzo beans, cream of coconut, mom’s leftover moro and many, many condiments.

Three words that describe you: Passionate, sweaty, curious



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