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1234567One of the best parts of being on vacation was being able to spend so much time with my son. At nine months, he’s so fun! He doesn’t talk yet, but is totally interactive. To be able to see the wonder on his face when we were hiking through a bamboo forest, or the delight he had playing in the sand, was so restorative for my own soul. I was able to experience those things with the freshness he has. There is so much fresh produce in Hawaii, and I loved having him try papaya, passion fruit, mountain-grown strawberries, and even seaweed.

It’s funny to me that where you live geographically can impact your life so much. New York is such a driven city. It’s hectic and fast-paced and brusque. It’s home, but I can’t deny that I wondered what it would be like to move to paradise.

bamboofeetbamboo2jumpkulashellsalohadogandsurfThis week I’ll be sharing photos from our trip to Hawaii. In January, my little family (that is, my husband, 9 month old son, and I) decided we’d try this big experiment. I own my own business and my husband is a Community Organizer at an art museum so our schedules can be pretty hectic – working at night, working on the weekends, etc. I never did get a real maternity leave, though I can’t complain as I have the freedom to create my own schedule. Anyway, if there’s one time during the year when things slow down juuust a little, it’s January. And with the record snows this year, we made the leap and decided to leave for a whole month. My beautiful friend MeiLi has a daughter just a few weeks older than our son, and we had the amazing luck of staying with her in Kula, on the slopes of the volcano Haleakala. The sweeping views down to the ocean every morning still haunt me. 

Goats-in-precarious-positions-03-634x475It’s my birthday today! I could not resist linking to these photos of goats climbing to the most ridiculous heights. A bit of trivia: I have the same birthday as Tiger Woods and LeBron James. Yikes?

sandy1sandy2sandy3sandy4sandy5sandy6GARDEN_perfumeoil_1A bit belated, but when Hurricane Sandy hit the NY area last month, it wreaked havoc on the Ananda Harvest. 150 trees fell across the entirety of the property, damaging fences, and creating  huge clean-up and restoration expenses. The GARDEN fragrance was created to benefit the Ananda Harvest, and since Sandy, MCMC has donated $1,200 to their relief efforts.

The Ananda Harvest is a farming initiative upstate, in the town of Monroe. Run by a loose organization of friends, anyone is invited to visit, learn about farming and sustainability, and lend a hand throughout the growing season. A variety of vegetables are grown in the garden – sugar snap peas, kale, garlic, lettuce, hot peppers, tomatoes.  Local high school kids have been invited to visit and learn about farming and nutrition, and the goal is for the garden to sustain a local ashram and yoga center.

On a related sidenote, NY Heartwoods has been using trees felled by Sandy to fill a demand for local wood products.