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1234Some weeks ago we got together with the lovely and talented Alpha Smoot and Lisa Przystup to shoot a Spring editorial of our perfumes. Lisa recently started a floral design company, James’s Daughters Flowers and picked out these blooms early in the morning from the flower market. You may have noticed that we’re slowly transitioning from silkscreened bottles to the new stickered ones in the photos above. We think it looks just a tad bolder and hopefully you like them just as well!


worldsend1 worldsend2 worldsend3Sarah and Eric, founders of flower shop Saipua in Red Hook, bought a 100+ acre home and farm upstate and are slowly but surely restoring the land. It looks so beautiful! Their aim is to grow unusual flowers for their business and others, and one day establish Worlds End, as they’ve fondly nicknamed it, as a place to come and learn about botanicals. Check it out here.

Photo by Meili taken on instagram (@meiliautumn)

We just arrived home from Cambodia yesterday. It was an epic + amazing + life-altering trip. We had a beautiful time.

I’ll be sharing lots more photos and thoughts over the coming weeks. For now I thought I’d post the image above, of some floral inspiration: jasmine sambac bracelets for entering the temple, a folded lotus flower, and a Spider Lily.