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Helen has a studio across the hall from me at the Dobbin Mews in Greenpoint. A textile designer, I often wander into her space to witness her splashing paint onto canvases, creating amazing florals and animal prints out of thin air. Or, she’ll come over and ask Jennifer and I which color combo is best – the infinite possibilities boggles the mind. My favorite thing about Helen though, is how she pronounces “taco” with her British accent – “tacko.”

Name: Helen Dealtry

OccupationPrinted textile designer

Hometown: London, England

Where do you currently reside?: Brooklyn, NY

Favorite MCMC fragrance: AMARA

When did you first start wearing perfume? What fragrance was it?: At around age 7 I discovered my grandmothers ‘Lily of the Valley’ by Yardley, in her bathroom cabinet. I still love it, but mix it with something earthier.

If you were a plant, what would you be?: Crocus

What’s in your refrigerator right now?: Habanero peppers, Mo’s crickets and smoked trout

Three words that describe you: British, creative, nostagic

Had an awesome ladies’ trip to Austin recently with Fay, Jennifer, Jenny and Helen. We had a trunk show at Spartan, swam at Barton Springs, ate at a lot of different food trucks, and I went on a vintage clothing shopping spree.

Photos via Odette NY (see Jennifer’s full posts here and here)

Helen picked up her paintbrush today and began drawing patterns for the outer packaging. We’ve been inspired by the engraved patterns on the stone walls of Angkor Wat and Cambodia’s national flower, the Rumdul. We also loved the idea of an ikat touch, inspired by traditional textiles. The hardest part is going to be choosing the colorways!